Blue Ridge Soaring Society

Posted By on Mar 12, 2014 |

brss1bBlue Ridge Soaring Society is a club operation located near New Castle, Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains. This area is surrounded by the Jefferson National Forest, where the Applachian Trail stretches through the wilderness of scenic Virginia.

The mountain ridges running through the area provide great ridge lift for long cross country flights. When weather conditions permit, wave flight is also possible. BRSS has a wave window allowing diamond flights for those lucky enough to catch the occasional wave that happens through the area. The Spring is usually accompanied by strong thermal activity, allowing them to fly as early as March. Their best weather for thermal flying is typically around May.

Every September, BRSS hosts the Region 4 South contest. One of the more notable contests was in 1990, when 17 of 25 pilots completed a 1000 km task. Ground facilities include a club house with a full kitchen, great room, and dining room. There is also a large campground with utility hookups and shower stalls. Meals are usually served under a large, covered picnic area with a play ground nearby.